Andrea Chessa

Andrea Chessa artista poliedrico


Andrea Chessa (Tempio Pausania 1972), graduated from the Liceo Artistico Statale in his hometown. In 2001, he moved to Milan, where he obtained a Level I and II Academic Diploma and a two-year specialization in Theory and Practice of Art Therapy at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts. A multifaceted and industrious artist, designer, sculptor, he works through different expressive languages. The artist has to his credit a relevant exhibition activity (Cuneo, Pavia, Monza, Milan, Florence, Bergamo, Krizevci-Croatia, Verona, Grosseto, Venice, Nuremberg, etc.) and participation in qualified residencies (Betanzos-Spain, Manchester). He was the winner of many competitions, among the most significant being the “Costanino Nivola Regional Sculpture Prize” and the “Pavia-Giovane Arte Europea” International Art Prize. Valuable was his collaboration in the studios of important artists, including: Arnaldo Pomodoro, Ugo La Pietra and Turi Simeti, where for two years he was the only assistant in the Artist’s Studio, Milan. Since 2012 he has been living in Sardinia and participating in a professional project at ASL n.2 in Olbia leading Art Therapy workshops within the Olbia Mental Health Center. He currently teaches art and image in institutes in his province. He deals with themes related to myth, sacred, profane and references of agro-pastoral atmospheres in relation to the dimension of space as a place of presence, to reconstruct a relationship through work. Materials: iron, copper, concrete, are employed by the artist to define a new field, in the continuous dialogue between matter and memory, toward something as yet unfinished, to-be…